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31January2018 ~  hat day
Spirit Day, hat day.  Not sure my girls embraced it.   It’s not their favorite school event.  


30January2018 ~ snow day
Another snow day leads to more painting and a full day of FaceTime.  


29January2018 ~ busy
She came home off the bus, grabbed a snack, watch a few video and got her Osmo out.  It good to see  her make good choices.  

This little one stayed home because her fever spiked this morning. 

She made herself comfortable with a bed on the floor. 


28January2018 ~ resourceful 
L and I were heading out the door. Lexi wanted to paint so she got everything out.  When L and I came home everything was picked up.  I asked Dave if he picked up Lexi’s mess.  He was downstairs while Lexi painted and pickled everything up.   I asked her how she cleaned up. 
I washed the paint brushes.  I threw away all the mess. Do you want to see what I painted?


27January2018 ~ bug
Lexi was a bit under the weather.  She spent most of the weekend indoor resting. 

After a bit of medicine to bring down her tempature, she had to get her own strawberries.  She is our resourceful one. 


26January2018 ~ Friday night game
L had a good night on the field.  Two goals and some great passes and shots on net.  

Happiness for L is getting to see her friends after her game.  It’s hard to see in the photo...L and her friend are holding hands.  

Happiness for Lexi is getting to wear pajamas to school and donuts with the principal.  The class won the box top contest two months in a row. They collect the most in the whole school. 


25January2018 ~ her way of washing her hands. 


24January2018 ~ peace
The girls fight non stop during the day.  At night, I send them to bed in their own room because I am tired of hearing them fight.  When I go to check in on them, Lexi can be found in L's bed.  The only time they are at peace is when they are sharing L's bed.


23January2018 ~ late night
It was a work dinner night for me.  I came home to this. Daddy was a sleep and the girls were doing who knows what.


22January2017 ~ bedtime


21January2012 ~ joy
Lexi loved to get her hair cut until L had a total melt down about her hair cut. It was follow the leader from there.


20January2018 ~ cookie sales
Gymnastics, soccer practice, soccer game, cookie sale and a birthday party.  The girls like it this way, L more than Lexi.  


19January2018 ~ waiting for the bus
If I work from home I tend to have the girls take the bus to school to and from school.  This makes it easy when L has a soccer game after school.  


18January2018 ~ Lexia 
Lexi loves to work on her Lexia.  I should have downloaded it on her iPad sooner.  

This girl loves her toast and BUTTER!  Every morning.  If only we could get her to eat her lunch.  Dave has found her in her room eating her sandwich after school. She knows better which is probably why was in her room.  She now will just tell Dave she doesn’t eat her lunch. 


17January2018 ~ puzzle love
This girl loves puzzles.   No school means time spent on FaceTime,, dough making, and time to finish the puzzle.


16January2018 ~ slime and trolls
L makes a lot of slime. She had used more then 3 gallons of glue since September.  
Lexi is resourceful. She’s been wanting to hear Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop This Felling.”  I tried to get it on Pandora, but it didn’t play it.  Lexi got her iPad and found it on YouTube.  
Yesterday, I asked Lexi if she learned about MLK day.  She said, “no.”   Tonight she came home excited to tell me all about Martin Luther King.  She talked about colors, school and being mean.  She talked about how people were on white buses and they were arrested.  L assisted by filling in names and detail.  


15January2018 ~ MLK futsal
These girls did great today at the tournament.  They played an age group up and still managed to win a couple of games and 1 tie. 
 FaceTime with a friend.   It didn’t matter if she had just spend 4 hours with the friend. 


14January2018 ~ bubbles in winter
She had  to play with bubbles.  She insist and I couldn’t  talk her out of it.  It lasted 1 minute before I see her and ask her why she was back in the house.  Her hands were too cold. 

She loves her babies. She will be a great mommy. If you go into her room at night she’s tucked them into bed.  It may her bed or she’s made a bed for them. 


13January2018 ~ joy of swimming 
Lexi was so excited to be in the water.  She played all by herself and didn’t care. 

L called this the #sleepover look and  Lexi asked,”what’s my look.”  I called it #oversceduled.  With Dave still sick and everything already confirmed we had to go with it.   We shortened somethings and it all worked.   L went into Boston with a friend to the Harry Potter store. 
2:30-3:00 Drive to Framingham for L’s cookie booth sale 3:00-3:35 Drive to Whitinville for Lexi’s birthday party.   The party ended at 6:00, but we stayed for 45 mins 3:35-4:30 Lexi swam and changed 4:30-4:55 Drive to Marlboro  5:00-5:25 Watched 2nd half of L’s soccer game.  A friend drove L from her cookie sale to the game 5:30-5:55 Drive to a Framingham for L’ssleep over Socialize with the other parents and then head home