16June2017 ~ testing

I picked the girls up early so L could get tested for her new school.  One of the reason we picked the new town was because of the school system.   Test scores has some weight in my thinking when it comes to schools, but it's primarily the teachers and the programs.   

L was in a Spanish immersion program in her last school and Lexi was going to go to the school.  With the move I wanted the girls to be in a similar program.  Our new town allowed for this.  However, L had to test into the program and Lexi is on the wait list.  

While L was tested, Lexi wanted me to take her photo.  I had to tell her we needed to stop because she kept wanting me to take her photo in various location.

L got to meet her teacher and see her class room.  Lexi wanted to do the same {so badly}.


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