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03July2017 ~ Patriots
Photos taken by Tuan Nguyen


25June2017 ~ breezeway
I've missed a few days of taking photos.  On those days, I'll be filling them with photos of the girls at the old house.  


01July2017 ~ Still unpacking


30June2017 ~ Cousins
Dropping the girls off at Van's for the week.   They met me and the girls in Connecticut.  The girls spent 9 days in Delaware on Auntie's family vacation.


29June2017 - applying
We go through a of sun block.  

Happy Child!


28June2017 ~ camp

 The girls love this camp.  They both love it because they get to be independent.   There was so many stories each day.  The first day's story was Lexiloo falling asleep on the side walk during swim.

The last day day's story was Lexiloo losing all the contents in her backpack.  According to both girls, there's a kiddie pool for all the lost and founds.  At the end of the week, a councilor would announce each item through the loud speaker for the kids to claim.  Apparently, the the first items were Lexiloo's.  One by one, Lexiloo was yelling that's mine {even her underwear}.  She made everyone laugh.  Then came a headband and Lexiloo announced, "not mine."    


27June2017 ~ applying sun block


26June2017 ~ off to camp
It was the first week of summer camp for the girls.  This week it's the Upton camp.

Still unpacking.


25June2017 ~ first morning in the house
This was the first morning we were in the house and the first photo on my big camera.  

The first thing we did was find food.  There's this cute breakfast place in the town over.  Our life centers around food {a lot}.

After breakfast, we went to the old house to clean to get the rest of the small items and to clean it.  I had the girls pose in each room.  I'm not going to bore you with all the photos. Here are a few.


24June2017 ~ moving day.
It's moving day.  It took 9 hours, but were moved in to our new temporary place.  I was sad to leave the home we brought the girls home too.   Dave and I lived there for 4 years before L came along and 8 years before Lexi came along and another 4 years as a family of 4.

4,8,12 for a family of 4.  There's definitely a pattern or the number 4 is significant in our life. L was born in in 2008 and Lexi in 2012.    


23June2017 ~ Sold
The sold sign when up and it's the last day of daycare of the girls.
Jumping for Joy
After 5 years, we said good bye to the teachers and school where both girls learned and grew up. We will miss Over the Rainbow.


22June2017 ~ more sun block fun.
School's out so the girls are at daycare until the end of the week.


21June2017 ~ sun block
Lexi drives me nuts with the sun block.  She wants to do it all by herself, but she applies globs of it all over herself so she looks like a ghost. 


20June2017 ~ last day of school
The last official of school for L.  Lexi's last day of pre-K would be at the end of this week, but we took photos for both on the same day.  The girls have both grown {physically, L more than Lexi}.

L will be entering the 4th grade and Lexi will be entering kindergarten in the fall.

Then and now...August 29, 2016 and June 20, 2017


19June2017 ~ ice cream truck
On our nightly walk, we ran into the the ice cream truck.  Of course, the girls had to get some.

Lexil was all smiles about her ice cream.  This was not the scene 10 minutes later.  We were almost home and L kick a trash can which knocked Lexi's hand and the whole ice cream went flying.  Oh, the tears.  It was an epic cry.


18June2017 ~ Lounging


17June2017 ~ off to Maine
L had a soccer tournament in Maine so we all went.  She loves the game and play whenever she gets an opportunity.

Lexiloo loves to do cart wheels and she wanted to me to take photos of her doing them.

Fooling around in between the first and second game. 

In between second and third games, we went to Ba and Ong Noi's house to visit and to check in on Ong Noi.

The team...they won all three games.  
It was a long day.  We went up to Maine and came back to Massachusetts for dinner.   L wanted her favorite, Pho, we went to place in town.