04June2017 ~Brownies to Juniors

L and her troop bridged from Brownies to Juniors.

The girls crossed the bridge. Before they crossed they could say what was the best part of being a brownie.  L's was camping.  The girls camped overnight, but L didn't want too.  After semi-camping, she wanted to go overnight next year.

The Junior Troop

After a friend's birthday celebrate, her bridging ceremony, we celebrate her birthday again.  We didn't get do do cake on her birthday we celebrated everyone's birthday.

Since the party never ends, L had to do her Research project which was due mid-week.   She's a procrastinator.  It must of a 9 year old thing. It was a late night for her.

Little sis loved helping L with her project.  Lexi cut and clued the family tree.  Lexi was not happy when she was sent to bed on time and L got to stay up late.


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