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08June2017 ~ hair envy
My baby is looking older this this photo.  It means I need to get her to a salon quick.  A short cut should make her look younger again.  I'll have to convince her to cut it since she has told me she wants it long.


07June2017 ~ sister love
The school year is winding down and the girls are looking forward to summer.   They are waking up tired.


06June2017 ~ L's Research project


05June2017 ~ Club tryouts
L switched to a different soccer Club and she had to tryout for the a spot on the Elite team.   She had gone to a practice before tryouts and received her letter before tryouts, but she still had to try.


04June2017 ~Brownies to Juniors
L and her troop bridged from Brownies to Juniors.

The girls crossed the bridge. Before they crossed they could say what was the best part of being a brownie.  L's was camping.  The girls camped overnight, but L didn't want too.  After semi-camping, she wanted to go overnight next year.

The Junior Troop

After a friend's birthday celebrate, her bridging ceremony, we celebrate her birthday again.  We didn't get do do cake on her birthday we celebrated everyone's birthday.

Since the party never ends, L had to do her Research project which was due mid-week.   She's a procrastinator.  It must of a 9 year old thing. It was a late night for her.

Little sis loved helping L with her project.  Lexi cut and clued the family tree.  Lexi was not happy when she was sent to bed on time and L got to stay up late.


03June2017 ~ #9
This beauty turned 9. She always has a smile on her face. She's smart. She's clever. She loves a good joke. She's loyal to her friends. She loves soccer. She loves chocolate. She starting to think about her looks. She has her own sense of style.

 We also celebrated Quin's high school graduation.

After a long day which started with a soccer game, drive to New Hampshire to celebrate with Quin the girls had to play a little more.  The had to try out one of L's birthday presents.  The only reason they came it was because it started to rain.


02June2017 ~ Decaf mocha frappuccino please


01June2017 ~ checking in
L was due for her annual physical so I got both girls in before we moved.  Lexi was a giggle bug during the exam and still loves getting her vaccinations.  
L is in the 70+ percentile for her age group while Lexi is in the 30+ percentile for her age group.  When asked what they wanted to be when they grow up....L didn't have a response and went with the one she gave last year.  She wanted to be a high school teacher.  Lexi wants to be a fireman.   
However, last week she told us she wanted to be a bug scientist {doctor}.   

Yes, she is wearing her lady bug crown to school again.


31May2017 ~ Yummy peanut butter

The girls love their breakfast.  I think L is having two during week.  Her school provides free breakfast to all the kids, but she's have breakfast at home.  She's told me she loves the bagels at school so I think she carb loading during the week.

Lexi loves her bagel with cream cheese and her yogurts in the morning.  If we have time, she'll have a bagel at home and then pack a yogurt or smoothly for when we get to daycare.  She also loves to lick the knife after L puts peanut butter on her bagel.

After you like my lady bug crown?!?


30May2017 ~ first fresh corn on the cob of the "summer."


29May2017 ~ early birthday celebration
With the move, we decide to postpone L's birthday party with friends.  Instead we would go to breakfast or lunch with her best friends.  One was missing because she was away.   We picked the girls up early and went to IHOP.

 Silly as ever.  After breakfast, we went back to our house until we had to drop Sydney off.  Then it's was to Target so Lexi could spend her graduation gift card.  She was driving me nuts asking when we would go.  We also picked up supplies for the girls to make slim.


28May2017 ~ end of season party
After 7 soccer games, L's club team had a pool party to celebrate a great season.  There are more games, but the girls deserved just hanging out and having fun.

The girls are having fun finding lost toys {not really lost} and enjoying them again.  There's a memory with each toy and it promotes conversation.  They remember when they got each one like this princess Belle wand.  L got it in preschool at a Disney on Ice show.

 This is what little sisters do when she has to hang out at the soccer field.  Give her a toy and a blanket and she's content.


27May2017 ~ all about soccer
It was a big soccer weekend for this girl Memorial Day weekend.  Seven games with seven wins.   This included a goal in the last game to win the game.   I didn't take many photos this weekend because I was just watching.
The girls has a sub-coach who told there girls if they scored more than 10 goals in the first game and won the second game she would treat the girls to ice cream.  The girls certainly did that.

This girl was fighting a nap all weekend so you would find her on the couch or in the car on the verge of sleep.  We still can't get her blankie away from her.


26May2017 ~ the graduate
She's heading off to kindergarten in the fall.  Lexi is ready and she amazes us everyday.  Math seems to come easy to her.

L went to school late so she could attend Lexi's graduation.

Nothing is cuter than seeing pint size human in caps and gowns.

Lexi is the smallest in the class.  She's in the 25-30 percentile for her age.

These kids have been together since infancy with Ms. F.

I want to be a "firefighter" when I grow up.