18May2017 ~ Matilda

The girls and I went to see Matilda the Musical in Providence, RI last Thursday.  We decided to make a day of it.  I took the day off from work and the girls didn't go to school or daycare.  We took our time in the morning.  

The area was beautiful and easy to get around.   Lexi and L wanted individual photos.  They don't like to share photo time anymore.  Poor Lexi wasn't even aware L was in her shot.  The girls picked out their outfit.  I hadn't realized Lexil had a squirt under her dress until I had to take her to the restroom.  She said she wanted to look pretty.

The show was a gift for L who will be turning 9 in two weeks.  The girl is confident, sweet, smart and witty.  She's still a bit shy and soft spoken, but handles it with grace.

L loved the show and was talking about all her favorites parts on the way home.  Lexi lasted through half of the show and then sat and sang her own songs.  I had to quiet her down on a few times.  She did an amazing job given the show was 3 hours long.

We had lunch at side across from the theater.  It was a hot day, but we managed to grab the only shady spot.


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