09May2017 ~ Friendship

L's class had their puppet show on Tuesday.  The puppet shows were adapted from myths and lends.  The kids wrote a play, made the puppet, background and acted at the play.   I couldn't tell you much about it because it was in Spanish, but it sounded and looked beautiful.  L's show name of the show was called 'El Sapo'.

L's puppet is on the far left.  She was the narrator and I was impressed by how confident she sounded.
L loves it when I come to the school and is so proud I am active in her school.

The girls in L's class.

The boys in the class

The whole class with the teacher, aid and art teacher.

Here's the video.

L is the puppet on the far left (purple puppet).  You may not understand what she is saying, but her Spanish sounds fantastic.


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