27April2017 ~ Favorite Sports Team

Week of the Young Child, Day 5

L also had a spirit day at school at well, "Creativity Day."  To celebrate Earth Day, the kids were asked to reduce, reuse and recycle.

L came up with a project the night before which required a lot of work.   She wanted to make a paper bowl using old magazines.  L is a procrastinator...we had to came up with a new idea.  In the end she took an old pair of leggings and turned them into shorts.   L also started the bowl that morning to have something to show as well.

Favorite sports day...unfortunately, our little one is not much of a very good sport.  She loves to be the center of attention and when she's not...watch out.

It was warm after daycare so Lexiloo had to change into this.  She loves pretty things.

Our house is in Sale Pending status.  We're two steps away from being sold.


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