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20 May2017  ~ #11 loves to bike 


19May2017 ~ All smiles
Then....this happened.  She was not happy I told her to let L help her with the sunblock.


18May2017 ~ Matilda
The girls and I went to see Matilda the Musical in Providence, RI last Thursday.  We decided to make a day of it.  I took the day off from work and the girls didn't go to school or daycare.  We took our time in the morning.  
The area was beautiful and easy to get around.   Lexi and L wanted individual photos.  They don't like to share photo time anymore.  Poor Lexi wasn't even aware L was in her shot.  The girls picked out their outfit.  I hadn't realized Lexil had a squirt under her dress until I had to take her to the restroom.  She said she wanted to look pretty.

The show was a gift for L who will be turning 9 in two weeks.  The girl is confident, sweet, smart and witty.  She's still a bit shy and soft spoken, but handles it with grace.

L loved the show and was talking about all her favorites parts on the way home.  Lexi lasted through half of the show and then sat and sang her own songs.  I had to quiet her down on a few times.  She did an…


17May2017 ~ Typical Lexiloo
Lexiloo's face says it all.  She is angry because she is not the center of attention.  L usually doesn't care if her photo is taken, but when she wants to be in the photo, Lexiloo get so upset.

Yes, it's all about me again.


She's a handful.  Dave will ask her or tell her to do something and there's always a response from her.  Dave's response is always "go see mommy."   It was hot around here last night.  Lexi put on her winter pajamas so Dave told her he thought she should change.  I didn't hear her response, but heard him say, "go see mommy."  


15May2017 ~ Good morning
The smiles on the girls face tells me they must of had a good morning even for a Monday morning.  

Lexiloo's been picked up from daycare...guess where she is?!?  Yes, she's outside riding her bike.   There's also obsession with the cat helmet.   She will even take it to bed with her.   All her favorites are in this photos minus the superhero cape.   Cat helmet, tutu, dress, being outside and a bike or scooter.


14May2017 ~ early morning breakfast
It was a low key Mother's Day.   Soccer was canceled so we didn't have to do a single thing.  We all woke up and went right out to breakfast.  So at 6:30 AM we were out the door with the girls in pajamas.  

The rest of the day was lounging and running errands.  The girls and I went to Target   Yup, Lexi had to wear her helmet.


13May2017 ~ Bgood

After L's soccer game and house hunting, we went for an early dinner.  This works for me.  I don't have to think about the next meal. 

She loves chocolate and ice cream.  Mix the two and she's very content.


12May2017 ~ Carnival
The carnival was in town this past weekend.  The girls went out to dinner with Dave and then met me at the carnival for a little play time.   The girls get $20 each to spend and when it's done we head home.  This works for us all

Lexiloo can finally fly.  Her cape is perfect for this ride.  

She wasn't too happy because she got cut in line and didn't get the front of the train.  However, she still enjoyed the ride by the end.


11May2017 ~ safe
The first thing Lexiloo does when she gets home...the scooter or bike comes out.  If it's the big girl scooter, it's always on the grass.  If the scooter is her three wheeler she will go on the road.


10May2017 ~ a little dancing before daycare

She just loves life.


09May2017 ~ Friendship
L's class had their puppet show on Tuesday.  The puppet shows were adapted from myths and lends.  The kids wrote a play, made the puppet, background and acted at the play.   I couldn't tell you much about it because it was in Spanish, but it sounded and looked beautiful.  L's show name of the show was called 'El Sapo'.

L's puppet is on the far left.  She was the narrator and I was impressed by how confident she sounded.
L loves it when I come to the school and is so proud I am active in her school.

The girls in L's class.
The boys in the class
The whole class with the teacher, aid and art teacher.
Here's the video.

L is the puppet on the far left (purple puppet).  You may not understand what she is saying, but her Spanish sounds fantastic.


08May2017 ~  Almost 9
The countdown is on...she turns 9 in less than a month.  She is quite excited.  For her big gift, L wanted to go see Matilda the Musical.  We've been talking about since last fall and Matilda comes back to New England for a week.  The girls and I are skipping school, work and daycare to go to Providence for the day.

Makeup, pretty dresses and a cat helmet.   Lexiloo is obsessed with pretty dresses so I picked her up another tutu dress.  Can you see the make up around her eyes?  The helmet...she is obsessed.  She has it with her all the time.   This morning the helmet was on the couch and Lexiloo tells me, "I wore it to bed."


07May2017 ~ siblings of soccer players
Another soccer game...Sunday make up game from a rain out.  Lexiloo loves hanging out with the siblings of one of L's team-mates.  If she goes missing, we know she's followed the bigger kids around {our wanderer}.  N is great with Lexiloo.  He's so kind to her.

Lexiloo skipping and dancing back to us after return a ball to the team.

 She probably wears this three times a week.