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24April2017 ~ Crazy hat day
This week at daycare the kids will be celebrating "week of the young child."  This means each day has a special activity.  Monday was crazy hat day.

The weather was so perfect, Lexiloo wanted to go outside and play after daycare.  She loves to be outside.   She had to ride the scooter, then the bike and then it's just running around...and repeat.  

Dancing in the street.

After dinner, the girls wanted to go out and play for a bit.   Lexiloo had to put on her costume for the next activity at daycare.


23April2017 ~ Art
Birthday party and art = great day!  L attended her friend's birthday party and had a blast.  Poor Lexiloo so wanted to join, but this was a big girl party.

I took a few photos and then Lexiloo and I had to head head home so we could pack for L's next activity.   My friend was taking L to a camping information meeting.  L's girl scout troop will be camping in a couple of weeks.  L didn't want to stay overnight {which surprised me}.   L and two other girls out of 12 will attend the day activity and leave at 9PM.

These girl have known each other since preschool.  They look so much older now.

Can't leave out Lexiloo.


22April2017 ~ week 2 of soccer
Week 2 for Lexiloo did not go well.  Dave was the coach again this week for Lexiloo's team.  It didn't go well.  It was cold and Lexiloo was emotional.  She didn't do it well so she just shut down.  I was not planning to go to the practice, but it was cold Dave called and asked me to bring them coats.  
I couldn't stand there and watch Lexiloo cry the whole time so I took her with me.  It wasn't fun for me or her.  Hopefully week 3 goes better.


21April2017 - just me
She was feeling like she needed all the attend on her this morning.  She did not want L in her photos.


20April2017 - train them young
Lexiloo wanted strawberries for breakfast so I told her to wash them.  She does figure things out for herself.


19April2017 ~  School vacation = soccer camp
For school vacation week L decided she wanted to go to soccer camp instead of going to daycare to hang out with the "little kids."   I chose a location closer to my office so I could drop her off and pick her up in the afternoon.  She had to come to hang out in my office in the afternoon while I worked or went to meetings.
Camp at a new location is a confidence builder for L.   It was mainly boys and she didn't know anyone.  She always seems to make a friend.  They had lunch together and I'm sure did not talk much.  I loved hearing her stories about how she beat the boys and how they complained she was "blocking me."  

She likes to look pretty and accessorize.


18April2017 - back to daycare

Morning walk to daycare...she still insist on putting on eye shadow.   She's getting better about not creating a uni-brow and stay around her eye lids.


17April2017 ~ Patriots Day & Boston Marathon Day
There's always excitement on Marathon Day.  The girls love to go over to their friends house and walk down to the race route to cheer on the runners.  

Elite runners

Lexiloo loves cheering on the runners with a high five.

After the race, the girls and I went for a late lunch.  Lunch then meeting other friends at the playground.


16April2017 ~ Happy Easter

Someone had too much frosting, she's wearing it.  

The girls wake up to an Easter egg's their favorite.  This year they decided to work together rather than run around like crazy little people.

Before Easter dinner...the girls and Dave spent the morning playing soccer and running around.

Ba and Ong Noi with the grandkids {post Lexiloo's melt down}.


15April2017 ~ passing on the torch
L helping Lexiloo get ready for her first soccer practice.  Both girls had their own soccer activity.

She all ready and excited to play.  This little one is tough on us.  She gives up and just shuts down when she doesn't think she is good enough at something.  

After soccer games, an open house, and a housing showing the girls finally got to decorate Easter eggs.

Egg decorating is serious business.


14April2017 ~ before daycare 
L had a soccer tournament. It was Good Friday and there was no school.   Dave was meeting us at the game. 
L's team


13April2017 ~ another day of house cleaning 


12April2017 ~ house prep
Every morning the girls and I each have things to do before we leave the house.  With the house on the market, we make sure things are picked up.  L is in charge of the kitchen...dishes, counters, floor.  

Lexiloo is in charge of the bathroom...putting the toothpaste and tooth brushes in away.  She also needs to put all the cups in the basket and bring all the dirty clothes down to the basement.

After daycare.  Where's Lexiloo...she's out in the breezeway on the phone. She always find a quiet place to just chill.