25March2017 ~  Window washer

Lexiloo loves to do windows and I love to assign her the task.  The task requires little supervision and can keep her busy for a while.

Pretend is a large part of her day now.  

The movers came and brought our things to storage.  In all the frenzy of the day, I lost track of time and L missed 20 minutes of her soccer game.  We were running around to get out the door and Lexiloo is yelling I need help.   She had a big accident in the bathroom.  Just what we needed on top of being late.

Being late for the game must of made L work harder because she had a terrific game.  The game was tied 0-0 after 20 minutes.  L arrived and scored the first goal.  Had another pretty awesome goal and an assist.  She played well.  


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