14March2017 ~ Persuasive Speech

Yesterday the parents in L's class were invited to come and hear the kids' persuasive writing.  The kids were all eager to share their work.  I was highly impressed.  The writing was in Spanish.  L's topic was to fix the water fountains so there's more water pressure.   The one thing that made me think was the germ factor.  Because the water didn't have enough pressure the kids were putting their mouth on the fountain spreading germs.  

L is packed a water bottle every day and I've asked her to make sure she drinks out of her water bottle.  I'm not sure if she listens because her paper was on the water fountains in the school.


I do not speak Spanish so the kids read their essay to me and then I asked them to translate.  They all worked together well.  If they got stuck on translating a Spanish word to English they would ask the person next to them.  It's moments like this that makes me think we made the right choice for L's schooling.

It make sad to think we might be moving out of this town and school.  However, change is good.  There are so many opportunities for our kids these days and I know they will do well where ever they may go.


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