01March2017 ~ Dinner, boneless fried chicken

We have sit down dinners about 5-6 nights a week.   Some nights are easier than others with L running out right after dinner for some activity or getting home late after an activity.  There's also Lexiloo's dinner habits...she's not a fan of dinner.  Never mind...getting home to get dinner on the table.

What are the girls favorite meal of the day?  L is dinner and for Lexiloo is breakfast.   Dinner is a bit of a challenging for Lexiloo, but she gets through it.  There may be some tears or she takes a few minutes in her room to calm down, but she makes it through.  She'll inhale a whole bagel in the morning, but struggles to finish the few bites of meat I gave her.  Most nights she loses desert, but doesn't seem to mind. 

The rule to desert is you need to finish your meal and it has be to done before the "kitchen is closed." Closed means the dishwasher has been started.  Dinner is getting easier for Lexiloo and we're Sunday weekly preps helps a lot.


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