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27March2017 ~ Another Monday

The girls had sore throats so they spent the day with me at home.  I worked from home and I told them to rest up.  I even suggested they take a nap.  Instead of fighting they shared tv time and were on their best behavior.  The threat of taking a nap worked.
When  I see Lexillo with her doll, Ella, I think of L with Pizza.  Pizza {L's first doll} is still well loved.  Lexiloo also calls me "grandma."  "Here lay with grandma."   She is the mom and I am the grandma to those dolls.


26March2017 ~ "Queen of Crazytown"
L refers to Lexiloo as the "Queen of Crazytown."   Lexiloo comes back with, "King of Crazytown." L and I were out side cleaning the yard  on Sunday and out comes Lexiloo looking like this.  Her hat isn't on quite right and there's mix match gloves.  
She was under the weather all weekend.  She had a sore throat, slight fever and runny noise.  I thought maybe it was strep, but when I brought the girls to the doctors to be check it came back negative.  They had to hang out with me on Monday while I worked.  They both insisted on going back to school and daycare on Monday, but I told them they needed to rest.

L moving the snow around for me.  She was a great help while Dave was away.


25March2017 ~  Window washer
Lexiloo loves to do windows and I love to assign her the task.  The task requires little supervision and can keep her busy for a while.

Pretend is a large part of her day now.  

The movers came and brought our things to storage.  In all the frenzy of the day, I lost track of time and L missed 20 minutes of her soccer game.  We were running around to get out the door and Lexiloo is yelling I need help.   She had a big accident in the bathroom.  Just what we needed on top of being late.

Being late for the game must of made L work harder because she had a terrific game.  The game was tied 0-0 after 20 minutes.  L arrived and scored the first goal.  Had another pretty awesome goal and an assist.  She played well.


24March2017 ~ lunch packing
Dave packs the girls lunches, but while he's away, we need to do it.  L is quite helpful when it comes to in these situations.  She loves to pack her own lunch.  I didn't look to see what she packed for herself. I probably should have looked.  
I did look in Lexiloo's and it there was three bags of chips with her jelly sandwich and a leaking water bottle with Vitamin Water in it.  
"Look Mommy, we're twins today.  Blue, blue, and pink."


23March2017 ~ changing her baby's diaper
Dave is traveling and I had car pool duty which meant Lexiloo had to come with me to soccer practice.   She didn't mind because, "my daddy is traveling."  If you could hear her little voice tell the daycare provider why Mommy had to pick her up, you would melt.
Yesterday was pajama day at daycare and it was also Lexiloo's show and tell day.   She picked out what she would bring and practiced what she would say the night before.  Lexiloo also dress her baby up for the special occasion.  
"My auntie got me this." "Her name is Ella." "Yes, her clothes come off."


22March2017 ~ good morning

I drop the girls off at daycare and Dave picks them up.  Unless L has soccer in the afternoon in which we have a car pool going. The carpool consists of 4 girls from 3 different families.  We all take turn bringing the girls to and from soccer practice.  
I also pick up if Dave is working late and on this day he was.  He was finishing up some work before his trip.


21March2017 ~ beautiful face

The girls are troopers.
My view in the morning.  Work has been busy for Dave and I..I've work dinners and Dave is traveling.  On top of this, we're putting our house on the market.  It's been a fast moving event and I'm amazed by how quickly it all came together.  All of this was accomplished within a month...CRAZY!


20March2017 ~ Mondays are tough


19March2017 ~ early morning
Relaxing before we start our day with a soccer tournament, a quick view of the potential new town, girl scouts and packing.

Silly kid

She may be tired from our busy chilling


18March2017 ~ my bigger helper
My helper...she likes to help clean the house.  

Weekends  = Soccer 

Love this face and smile


17March2017 ~ She says she looks like Mommy with the glasses
Happy Saint Patrick's Day.   
They wanted to go all out and wear everything green.  


16March2017 ~ trying to pick out a headband for her "pretty outfit."


15March2017 ~ free time
Most mornings the girls are self sufficient and can get themselves ready.  Lexiloo will pick out her own clothes, get dress, brush her teeth and ask help with her hair.  The last thing is to pack her breakfast.  If they are done, they'll turn the t.v. on for a few minutes.


14March2017 ~ snow day
Snow day means a day of lounging, tv watching, phone playing and fighting.   By the afternoon, I just sent them outside because they would not stop fighting.  They needed to go out.  They had fun with one other and was outside longer than Dave. 

Lexiloo loves her batman cape and tutu.  The tutu is on it's last leg.  

As close to lounging as L gets.

Lexiloo calls these her silly and scary face.   L and I told her, her scary face looks a lot like her angry face.


14March2017 ~ Persuasive Speech
Yesterday the parents in L's class were invited to come and hear the kids' persuasive writing.  The kids were all eager to share their work.  I was highly impressed.  The writing was in Spanish.  L's topic was to fix the water fountains so there's more water pressure.   The one thing that made me think was the germ factor.  Because the water didn't have enough pressure the kids were putting their mouth on the fountain spreading germs.  
L is packed a water bottle every day and I've asked her to make sure she drinks out of her water bottle.  I'm not sure if she listens because her paper was on the water fountains in the school.

I do not speak Spanish so the kids read their essay to me and then I asked them to translate.  They all worked together well.  If they got stuck on translating a Spanish word to English they would ask the person next to them.  It's moments like this that makes me think we made the right choice for …


12March2017 ~ tears
There was true heart break when Lexiloo dropped her painted cat and it broke.   In my last post I mentioned Lexiloo went to a paint party and was proud of her painting. The next morning, she dropped it and it broke.

She has her ups and downs...this was taken earlier in the morning before she started to play with her cat.


11March2017 ~ Celebrating a 9th birthday.
These girls, they have been great friends since kindergarten.  They always have so much fun together.  Their personalities to work together  

This was the first time Lexiloo has been to Plaster Funtime.  She loved it and very attached to her work...which meant when she dropped her art and it broke, all out water works began.

Breakfast photos


10March2017~ before daycare...she is into her ears lately.
Lexiloo told me she had to wear her ears because Brockie was going wearing his ears.  At dinner, she happily reported that Brockie brought his ears to daycare.

Before daycare.   Lexiloo is a lot like me.   We love to lounge.   Unlike Dave and L, who sit straight up when watching t.v.  They never really just relax.

After daycare right before bed.  I found her all cozy and ready for bed.