25February2017 ~ weekend helper

Lexiloo loves to help, especially with the groceries.  She also likes the it when it's one on one time.  It's when she is at her best.  While big sister was at a soccer tournament so we grocery shopped and de-cluttered.

She may be pint size, but strong.  

The outfit...she picked it out herself.

Before L's soccer games, we sorted through hair ties, headbands, crayons, markers and pencils.  We're starting to de-clutter, sort, donate and throw away.  Before we started L and I negotiated an hourly wage.  She wanted $10 an hour and I thought $5 was good.  We split the difference and went with $7.50.  She took a breakfast break and after taxes, I told her it came to $3.5 an hour.

She said it would take her 10 hours before she could buy a build a bear.  

She thinks she's cleaver. 


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