19February2017 ~ how is it that she's 8?!?

We met them half way between each of our homes.  There was lunch at a wonderful Brazil restaurant an then off to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk.

L barely touched the stingrays, but Lexiloo was all about it. Not sure about the boys, but knowing them they probably didn't want to touch them.

We may have a marine scientist on our hands.   She was all about touching the animals.  Every station, we was all for them.  Here are the jellyfish.

It was also Lego week there.  The girls built robots and fought one another.  L's robot pushed Lexoloo's off.

 More stations for Lexiloo to touch.  The turtles was also pretty amazing.

Last stop before we left...Seal feeding.   Lexiloo wanted to feed them.

This is what dressing yourself looks like.  The look before we left for our overnight trip.


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