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28February2017 ~ spirit day 
It was spirit day at L's school so both girls wore their Barbieri Hawks shirt.   One current and one incoming Hawk.  

She's silly and loves to make everyone laugh.

 While...L is witty and loves to laugh...always with a smile on her face.


27February2017 ~ help
L helping Lexiloo with her yogurt so she can have some.  L does not care for yogurt, but had to try the new ones Lexiloo picked out at the store.   Lexiloo is tired of the kids yogurt and wanted Mommy's kind.


26February2017 ~ lunch date between games
L had a soccer tournament this weekend. Dave took her to the town games and then her tournament on Saturday.  I took her on Sunday. We had a lot a of time to waste in between games so we went to lunch.  
L's team won the tournament, but I'm not sure there was much competition. 


25February2017 ~ weekend helper
Lexiloo loves to help, especially with the groceries.  She also likes the it when it's one on one time.  It's when she is at her best.  While big sister was at a soccer tournament so we grocery shopped and de-cluttered.

She may be pint size, but strong.  

The outfit...she picked it out herself.

Before L's soccer games, we sorted through hair ties, headbands, crayons, markers and pencils.  We're starting to de-clutter, sort, donate and throw away.  Before we started L and I negotiated an hourly wage.  She wanted $10 an hour and I thought $5 was good.  We split the difference and went with $7.50.  She took a breakfast break and after taxes, I told her it came to $3.5 an hour.

She said it would take her 10 hours before she could buy a build a bear.  

She thinks she's cleaver.


24February2017 ~ bilingual reader
L's backpack was getting really heavy so I asked her to take everything out except for two books.  This was what came out.   For someone who has to be reminded to read at home, she certainly had a lot of books in her bag (all read).

Lexiloo loves to take photos now.


23February2017 ~ silly girl
"When I grow up, can I be a boat driver?" ~ Lexiloo


22February2017 ~ Day two of walking to daycare.  
The weather has been perfect for walking.  It's so been unseasonably warm in New England, L wore a sweatshirt.  No jacket for her.


21February2017 ~ I love the light and you can just see the air from L's breath.   

We walked to daycare yesterday since we had extra time with school vacation week.   It gave me a chance to take photos.  I didn't take many because the girls tend to run or walk really fast...away from me.   Unless, Lexiloo is tired and wants to hold me hands.


20February2017 ~ Last swim before we check out of the Inn. 
Lexiloo loves to dance when there's music on the t.v.

All smiles before we leave.


19February2017 ~ how is it that she's 8?!?

We met them half way between each of our homes.  There was lunch at a wonderful Brazil restaurant an then off to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk.

L barely touched the stingrays, but Lexiloo was all about it. Not sure about the boys, but knowing them they probably didn't want to touch them.

We may have a marine scientist on our hands.   She was all about touching the animals.  Every station, we was all for them.  Here are the jellyfish.

It was also Lego week there.  The girls built robots and fought one another.  L's robot pushed Lexoloo's off.

 More stations for Lexiloo to touch.  The turtles was also pretty amazing.

Last stop before we left...Seal feeding.   Lexiloo wanted to feed them.

This is what dressing yourself looks like.  The look before we left for our overnight trip.


18February2017 ~ waiting for relays to start
A swim meet and soccer game then we're off for a little visit with family.


17February2017 ~ last day of school before February break.   


16February2017 ~ She's pretending I'm not there.


43/365 ~ Soccer lesson
L's last soccer lesson.  She loved jumping up on the stand with both legs and kicking the fall.  For most people it would be a workout, but for L it was fun.


14February2017 ~ Valentine's Day
Lexiloo had to wear her heart dress.  It was all drama until we could find her dress.  The drama of fussy with the outfit she had to put on so we could go.  The kinda of drama that requires throwing yourself on the floor and whining.  L finally found it in the dryer.
"I want to see the bow."


13February2017 ~ Another snow day
I had to work and took some time shovel the drive way, but not enough time to take the girls sledding.  They went sledding the yard with a very tiny slope.

 Another snow day means more food...french toast for breakfast.

Lexiloo wanted to build a snowman.  L did not, but had to help her.