New Year, New Project 365? 1/365

04Jan2017 ~ Funny Girl

I'm going to try another 365 project.  It's been a few years since I did one, but there's no better time then now.  This will be a good time for me to play with my new camera, blog again and just take photos.  

Project 365 is committing to taking a photo a day for 365 days.  My first photo was on the 4th of January. 

For my first's of this silly four year old. Yes.Four.Yikes.  I just registered her for kindergarten a few weeks ago so in August she will be in school with L.

Here's a photo from the same night.  These photos were taken before bed and was way past their bed time.  We seem to still be on vacation time.  The girls are going and waking up later every day.  This beautiful is no longer in braces and is now wearing a retainer.   The braces fixed an under bite, slanted jaw and crooked teeth.  What a difference a year makes.

Big sis is in full swing with winter swim team so a little someone will randomly put her own googles on.   She may be over tired here....plain silly.


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