8Jan2017 ~ L in lane 4 {center position}

L had a swim meet this morning.   L's does well in the freestyle and backstroke.  She placed second in both for her age group.    

Waiting for the swim meet to start.  L is in the far left of the photo with her friends.

The meet was delayed so we missed a girl scout event, but we did make it to a birthday party where L got to see her friend, T.  Friends since preschool.  They don't get to see each other much anymore because of their busy schedule, but they have a strong bond.

They were the only two big girls.  The party was for a 5 year old....celebrating T's younger brother who goes to preschool with Lexiloo.

Lexiloo building her car...they put the wheels on the wooden car.  The party was great.  The girls played mini-golf.  We were late to the party so we didn't make it all around.  L wanted to finished the game, but we need to move on.

All the kids listening to how to build the car.

The kids had to test the car out.


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