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30January2017 ~ ready for bed 

Getting ready for bed.  She's putting paste on her tooth brush.  


29Jan2017 ~ Big mess
The girls room is a mess....I mean mess.  There are toys everywhere.  In between Sunday school and a swim meet, the girls had to pick up there room.  Lexiloo actually likes to help and clean, but needs direction and these days the direction can not come from her sister.

This is one of the reason why we need a bigger home.  We have run out of space
L, at the end of the swim meet.   She did well.  She game in first in the back stroke with a personal best time and she tried the breast stroke and came in second.  

L and one of her bestie.


28January2017 ~ Checking out
The girls had time to go to the mall in between activities today.   They had gift cards from Christmas so they each picked out an outfit.  
My first born looking older than her 8 years.  
Checking out sizes and prices.  It was a good way to teach them a few things about how much they have to spend, how to calculate 40%,  checking out sizes, and how to pay for their purchases.

Lexiloo "patiently" waiting to check out.

L loves the Tesla and when we passed the store we had to go in.  

They enjoyed being silly in the dressing room.
After L's soccer game, we went out to dinner to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  The girls were looking forward to celebrate at their favorite restaurant {Pho Dakao}.


The do love each other.  Lately, all they do is fight, hit and cry.  There are moments that they are sweet to one another.  Lexiloo wanted L to help her with the xbox, but also wanted to do it.


26January2017 - Dress rehearsal
Dress rehearsal for the yellow cast.  The play is in one week and the kids have 4 school show.  L will program in two of them.  One as Phineous Trout, the report, and an Oompa Loompa.  The other one she will just be an Ooompa Loompa.


25January2017 ~ Dress up for Winter Music Show and All Cats
L wanted to dress up for her winter music show at school {boots will changed}.   Lexiloo wanted to dress crazy so she picked out everything cat.  She says cats are her favorite, especially, Emmitt.


24January2017 ~ halfway day at BOKS
Halfway day for halfway through the school year.  L was half blue, half peach.  The other two girls were half fancy, half dress down (pajamas).


23January2017 ~ not the most willing model
Half way day for half way through the school year.  Lexiloo was my model while L was at futsal practice.

Why was not the most willing model...she lost electronics and so she just hung out with me while I sew.


22January2017 ~ Kerplunk can be serious 

Kerplunk, the object of the game is to pull the sticks out of the blue tower without dropping the balls. The player with the least amount of balls wins.  In a rare slower Sunday, {events were evenly spread...we only had Sunday school, soccer for Lexi, girl scouts and swim practice} the girls played Kerplunk.  L likes to play this game with Lexiloo because as L puts it, it doesn't require reading for Lexiloo.


The younger age group waiting for their relays to start.  L is the first blue suit on the left hand side of the photo.   
L waiting for the back stroke race to start.   The second photo is her heading to me knowing she had her personal best time in the stroke.  She was all smiles the moment she got out of the pool.
Swim meets are always fun when one of your best friends is on the team with you.

L during her freestyle relay race.

L usually does the free style and backstroke along with the freestyle relay.  Lately she has wanted to try the fly and breast stroke.  She swam the fly this past weekend, but was DQ'd (disqualified).  I am proud of her for wanting to try the strokes she usually doesn't swim in.
The photos are not great because I am trying to new lenses and technique.


20January2017 ~ testing an old borrowed lens


19January2017 ~ Oompa Loompas
Dress rehearsal for the purple cast.  L's dress rehearsal is next week.


18January2017 ~ Miss Independent
Most mornings she gets ready all by herself.  Her quote, "It's my almost 5 birthday."   L likes to remind me Lexillo's  1/2 birthday is coming up.  The girls think it's normal to celebrate 1/2 birthdays and birthday month.


17January2017 ~ Details
The first dress rehearsal was yesterday which meant there were a few late night finishing up the costumes for Willie Wonka.


16Jan2017 ~ Soccer Life
L's team won the U9 US Youth Futsal Regional championship yesterday.  I think everyone was surprised since they seemed to be the under dog.   They were smaller, but they had heart.  These girls had never played as a team together, but they played as team.  A few of the girls had play together on their outdoor team, but never as a futsal team.    

The winning team.

The 1st and 2nd placed teams.  L's league team was split up to form two futsal teams.  L and her friend E, were on one team and the other team had three of the other players.

L and E
L's outdoor league team.  Three was on red and 2 was on black.  This photo was taken by one of the other moms.


15Jan2017 ~ Game #5 
The photo taken was from game #5 of 7.  Not all 7 games are for the same team.  There's a lot of games to play in one weekend when you are on three soccer teams.
I picked this shot because it's something I need to work on...action shots.  I'll have to do more studying on how to get the action shots with the camera.


14Jan2017~ mop cap
We're two weeks away from Willie Wonka weekend.  I'm sewing when I can.  There's one final day with the crew {my friends} helping me pull things together. 
I chose the photo of my sewing machine and the mop cap because it's what is consuming a lot of my time lately.  Plus, I couldn't decide between L and Lexiloo's dab photo.  The dab photos are below along with some of the activities L did on Saturday.

Swim meet...L after she finished her relay.  I got a pool shot because I was a timer for the meet.
Soccer game #3...futsal.  The team played well.