First Day of School and Entering P-K

29August2016 ~ waiting for the bus

L was excited for the first day of school on the first day of school.She wasn't so excited before that day. I thought having a play date with her closest friends before school started would get her excited..."nope." When asked if the girls were excited about school it was a yes from everyone, but L.

Back to the first day of school...a little sister did was not ready for L to leave her.  Lexiloo was trying to be as close to her sister as possible.

Lexiloo started in the Pre-K room one week after L went off to 3rd grade.

I'm happy to report...L loves school so far.  She talks about school and is doing her homework without us asking her.   She also wants to read..anything to not go to sleep, but I'll take as a win.


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