4 Year Old Lexi

28August2016 ~ birthday breakfast

Lexiloo wanted to start her day with cake, but settled with chocolate pancakes instead...another favorite of hers. 

This is what a 4 year old looks like.  Lexiloo is a contraction in so many ways. Her favorite color is blue, she loves her fairy wings, but also loves her superheros. She loves to cuddle, and likes her a lone time.

This sweet face can get "nasty" quick.  Tonight I asked her why she was screaming {at L of course}.  Lexiloo's response, "because I'm angry and I'm an angry kid."

I asked Lexiloo to get dress for the day and she chose this dress because it was blue and it has a dog on it which was perfect for her 4 year photos.  Get her a water table and let her be.

These two photos are my favorite of the bunch.  It's so her.

The scrunch up nose...it's so Lexiloo.

Celebration number 2 not counting the breakfast pancakes we had earlier in the day.

For this cake she wanted a PJ Mask cake.


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