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Soccer Life

Our life is consumed by soccer...all year round.  L has come to love soccer and it's something she and Dave share that is special to them.   There's the town team, winter team, the league and clinics that L is involved in.  Right now there's two nights with practices, a game on Saturday and two games every other Sunday.  Some weeks there are three practices, with one of them back to back.

February ~ GPS winter games
All of L's hard work is showing.  She has become aggressive and goes after the ball whether in offense or defense.  She loves to score to the point where it may be considered being a poor sport.  I'm working on this.  Dave does not discipline much, so it's up to me to do it.  L doesn't like it when it's me who brings her to soccer.  I've told her if she kept up her attitude it will be me taking her to all her practices and game.  This may be more of a punishment for me.    

This is what Dave and L will practice on for hours in the yard.…