Cousin Fun

24April2016 ~ Cousins celebrating a special 5th birthday

I love cousin interaction.  It's probably from having so many and spending summers with them growing up.  We always had family gatherings where our Massachusetts and New Jersey cousins would come and visit.

There's a bond so different from sibling and friends.  I see in my nieces and nephews and in the way my kids interact with the younger cousins (Logan and Colin).

Lil Miss Confidence!

My sister and her family visited for L's first communion. We hadn't seen them for a while.  We visited the petting zoo that had just came into town.  The kids didn't want to leave, but the grown ups were tired.  There was pony and camel rides, bouncy houses, large slides and animal feeding. 

L may be getting to big for these ponies. 

Jumping for joy after feeding the animals.

Logan turns 5 in 2 days!  I can't believe he will start school in the fall.  There was a time I didn't think he would make it to school.  He hated daycare and didn't want to leave the house and now he's excited.

There's nothing better than having breakfast and birthday cake.

Then it was off to Cushing Park mid morning.  The kids ran and played.  Lexi almost ran a whole 1 and 1/4.  She stopped here and there and at the end got distracted and wanted to pick flowers.

I had photos on my camera from a couple of months back.   I'm going to try and post them this week.


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