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March 2016
We love Easter.  The girls love to decorate the eggs, paint sun catchers, wake up to an Easter egg hunter and just be doing!  

This year, we tried food coloring instead of store bought dyes.  I'm not sure why we never used it before.  I was looking for a natural dye and you have to buy it online or make your own using beets and spices.  Since I don't plan ahead, we went with food dyes.  The colors turned out well.

In between soaking the eggs, the girls painted sun catchers. I find it best to have multiple activities for the girls to keep them focus and not make a mess playing with the dyes.

L also had to work on her banner for her first communion.  We missed this part during her retreat since we had to leave early.  

Waking up to Easter baskets.  I don't have many great photos since the girls were running around and all the photos turned out blurry...they got excited.
L got into decorating cupcakes with fondant for Easter lunch with family {and she loved it}. …

Boston Marathon 2016

18April2016 ~ cheering on the runners
We spent Patriot's Day cheering on the runners of the Boston Marathon.  The race course goes from Hopkinton to Boston and runs right through Framingham.  We were invited to hang out with one of L's "besties."

Lexiloo is going to be that person who is doing something different than the rest of the group.  She enjoyed being in the mix as you can see from the photo above.

There was race watching, cheering and just plan old fun hanging with friends.

After over three hours of watching runners go by, we headed back to our friend's house for Waffles, fruit and treats!  

I had to take a couple of hours break from hanging out so we headed home so I could prep dinner and just get a little down time.  The girls wanted to stay and play.  In the late afternoon we went to play tennis with the friends we had hung out with all day.

While we waited for our friends, the girls ran around the court...they are so full of energy.

Lexiloo finall…

Cousin Fun

24April2016 ~ Cousins celebrating a special 5th birthday
I love cousin interaction.  It's probably from having so many and spending summers with them growing up.  We always had family gatherings where our Massachusetts and New Jersey cousins would come and visit.

There's a bond so different from sibling and friends.  I see in my nieces and nephews and in the way my kids interact with the younger cousins (Logan and Colin).

Lil Miss Confidence!
My sister and her family visited for L's first communion. We hadn't seen them for a while.  We visited the petting zoo that had just came into town.  The kids didn't want to leave, but the grown ups were tired.  There was pony and camel rides, bouncy houses, large slides and animal feeding. 
L may be getting to big for these ponies. 

Jumping for joy after feeding the animals.

Logan turns 5 in 2 days!  I can't believe he will start school in the fall.  There was a time I didn't think he would make it to school.  He ha…