January 2016 ~ "take a picture of me with Lyla"

Spunky Lexiloo, get a camera near her and she wants a photo of herself or with L.  I'm beginning to sound like a broken record...I will get back on track with this blog.  Maybe after the school play is over.  I've been thinking I want to do another 365 challenge {a picture a day}.  

Here are a few photos of what we've been up to in January.   

Swim meets with friends.  L's friends are in the first row.  For some reason, this group of girls wanted to be in the photo.

L cheering on a friend who was getting ready to race.  

Not to be left behind, here's Lexiloo on her back during her swim lesson.  She's comfortable in the water.  There are three kids in the class {two older boys and Lexiloo}.

It's just the beginning, but L will be getting a lot of work done on her teeth.  She is excited about it, but I'm not sure how she will feel during the process. She'll be going through a series of processes to correct her teeth and jaw.  There's pallet extender, separator, retainer and then braces.  There was too much information for me to retain.

We haven't gotten much snow this year.  This was the first real storm and it was only about three inches.  The girls had to get out there. 

Then there's the play.  I am the costumer designer for the play this year.  I think there was over 300 pieces for this play.   The first dress rehearsal happened on Monday and L has her cast today.  There was  lot of sewing and gluing.  I'm so happy to have a lot of help from other Drama Club moms.  You can find out more information about the Drama Club at L's school here.  


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