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First Day of School and Entering P-K

29August2016 ~ waiting for the bus
L was excited for the first day of school on the first day of school.She wasn't so excited before that day. I thought having a play date with her closest friends before school started would get her excited..."nope." When asked if the girls were excited about school it was a yes from everyone, but L.

Back to the first day of school...a little sister did was not ready for L to leave her.  Lexiloo was trying to be as close to her sister as possible.

Lexiloo started in the Pre-K room one week after L went off to 3rd grade.

I'm happy to report...L loves school so far.  She talks about school and is doing her homework without us asking her.   She also wants to read..anything to not go to sleep, but I'll take as a win.

4 Year Old Lexi

28August2016 ~ birthday breakfast
Lexiloo wanted to start her day with cake, but settled with chocolate pancakes instead...another favorite of hers. 

This is what a 4 year old looks like.  Lexiloo is a contraction in so many ways. Her favorite color is blue, she loves her fairy wings, but also loves her superheros. She loves to cuddle, and likes her a lone time.

This sweet face can get "nasty" quick.  Tonight I asked her why she was screaming {at L of course}.  Lexiloo's response, "because I'm angry and I'm an angry kid."

I asked Lexiloo to get dress for the day and she chose this dress because it was blue and it has a dog on it which was perfect for her 4 year photos.  Get her a water table and let her be.

These two photos are my favorite of the bunch.  It's so her.

The scrunch up's so Lexiloo.

Celebration number 2 not counting the breakfast pancakes we had earlier in the day.

For this cake she wanted a PJ Mask cake.

12 Years Later

11September2014 ~ 12 years ago
This was Dave and I on our wedding day 12 years ago...

Here we are 12 years later.

One day after Dave and my anniversary, I thought I would share family photos that were taken late August.  We set up a mini shoot at my sister's house while we were on vacation.

I'm hoping to share Lexi's birthday photos and  first day of school activities in the next few days.

Soccer Life

Our life is consumed by soccer...all year round.  L has come to love soccer and it's something she and Dave share that is special to them.   There's the town team, winter team, the league and clinics that L is involved in.  Right now there's two nights with practices, a game on Saturday and two games every other Sunday.  Some weeks there are three practices, with one of them back to back.

February ~ GPS winter games
All of L's hard work is showing.  She has become aggressive and goes after the ball whether in offense or defense.  She loves to score to the point where it may be considered being a poor sport.  I'm working on this.  Dave does not discipline much, so it's up to me to do it.  L doesn't like it when it's me who brings her to soccer.  I've told her if she kept up her attitude it will be me taking her to all her practices and game.  This may be more of a punishment for me.    

This is what Dave and L will practice on for hours in the yard.…


March 2016
We love Easter.  The girls love to decorate the eggs, paint sun catchers, wake up to an Easter egg hunter and just be doing!  

This year, we tried food coloring instead of store bought dyes.  I'm not sure why we never used it before.  I was looking for a natural dye and you have to buy it online or make your own using beets and spices.  Since I don't plan ahead, we went with food dyes.  The colors turned out well.

In between soaking the eggs, the girls painted sun catchers. I find it best to have multiple activities for the girls to keep them focus and not make a mess playing with the dyes.

L also had to work on her banner for her first communion.  We missed this part during her retreat since we had to leave early.  

Waking up to Easter baskets.  I don't have many great photos since the girls were running around and all the photos turned out blurry...they got excited.
L got into decorating cupcakes with fondant for Easter lunch with family {and she loved it}. …