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Christmas Card Making

The making of our Christmas card starts with test subjects and posses.  This happened last Sunday while L was at Sunday school.  Dave and Lexiloo posed for me so I could find where I wanted the camera and pose location.  Then I had to set the camera up.

Once L got home, I wanted a few pictures of the girls.  L is a pro when it comes to taking photos.  Lexiloo is getting there.  She still has many moments where she doesn't want to listen, but we do get some good shots.

The girls do have fun.

If I was to post all the photos of the shots with Dave in it, you would see Dave looks the exact same in each photo.   L, Lexiloo and I would have a different look while Dave has the same pose.

More photos of the girls

When Lexioo started to lose focus.  The girls wanted to take photos.

They each took turns taking photos. 

L's photo of Lexiloo.
Lexiloo's turn to take photos

Lexiloo's photo of L.
 The photo chosen for our Christmas cards.

Christmas Prep and Gingerbread Party

We've been prepping for the Christmas between all of L and A's activities.  I've been meaning to reupholster the dining room chairs and it was the best time.

The semi-before.  The chairs were pretty nasty.  It comes with living with a 3 year old who think the hair and table are her napkins.

I got tired at the end and had to enlist help.

Early December brought the annual gingerbread decorating party.  The house was pretty loud with 10 little girls singing to the Lion Kings songs and just laughing.  Most of the girls are in the school play this year.

The party included friends from L's old daycare and school besties.  Three little ones who are 3 and 4.   Siblings were invited {girl siblings}.

Christmas prep including the Advent Wreath.  

It also include tree hunting and tree decorating.

Christmas card prep will be in the next post.