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Pumpkin Carving

31.Ocober2015 ~ The expression on Lexi's face is priceless.  She loved having Logan walk her home from daycare.

We carved pumpkins the day before Halloween while Van and Tuan visit.

Carving with three little ones will test your nerves...I should say three whiny kids.  Giving them a paint project worked for a while.

This was the first year L really got into it.  She chose a ghost.

The end results.


31October2015 ~ Cousins
Logan and Colin came and visited us for Halloween {plus their parents}.   
It's been a busy fall.  Fall soccer is coming to an end and winter soccer for L begins next week.  On top of this L is being evaluated for the swim team along with play practice, Brownies and Sunday school.  Skating lessons also start this week and Lexi's activity started last week.  She's doing Tot Soccer and taking swim lessons.  

This year L wanted to be Dorothy.  She had this picked out for a while.  Lexi wanted to be batman with a tutu.  We went through Pinterest and this was the costume she wanted me to pull together for her.  If you say batgirl she will correct you and say she is batman.  Logan and Colin chose Superman and the Flash.

Batman flying.

Pint size superheroes

A family of superheroes

Because the girls picked out their costume and didn't want coordinating costumes, Dave and I picked costumes to match them...Robin and Glinda the good witch.

Before trick or…