8.14.2015 ~ Pool time with a BFF
What a summer it has for all.  The girls have summer tans and highlights most women pay for.  This is the last week of camp for L and school starts next Wednesday. 
There were many play dates, pool time, beach and lake time, water and amusement parks, and runs at the park.  There were some summer time classics like running  through the neighbor's sprinklers  {they are not our neighbors, but are on our morning route to daycare}.  There were a few birthday parties in between and soccer clinics to attend, which made this summer go by too quickly, but yet I'm ready for school to start again. 
Here are a few moments from our summah in random order!

 12August2015 ~ Lake Ossippee 
This was a fun day which included lake swim followed with dinner by the pool

Lake Ossippee.  L loved the boat and Lexiloo was just along for the ride.  She didn't care for the fast speed.

L and her older cousin, A.

We did Storyland for two days and Santa's Village one day in heavy rain.  It was vacation and we decided why not...L had a blast and didn't want to leave.  Lexiloo was a trooper and enjoyed most of it until the end.  I love her face in the above photo...she had enough and didn't want to do it anymore.  She fell asleep in her stroller a short time after.

Storyland...we pretty much had the park to ourselves.  There were not many people there and at times we were the only people on the rides.  Lexiloo { top right} and I waiting for Dave and L as they went on the bumper cars.  Lexilooo was happy at this point.

One of L's favorite rides. She was happy here.  We think we'll try tube rides this winter and maybe new Thomas the Trainer park in Carver, MA.

Our first ride of the day at Santa's Village...Lexiloo did not like the Log Flume, but didn't want to be left out either.

Storyland...the girls loved visiting Cinderella's Castle and meeting her.

Storyland...Dr. Geyser's ride.  This is one of L's favorite ride at Storyland.  Lexiloo enjoys it as well.  She was a trooper.  She did all the rides with us since she just met the height requirements.  There were such rides like the Polar Coaster, Bamboo Shoots {log flume}, and Antique Cars.

Excited to drive the Antique cars.

A version of the tea cups.

Playdates with her friend, L {same name as her older sister}.

Beating the heat at the park after a bike ride.

Summer camp for L.  She did Cheer, Gymnastics and OCP camp this summer.  She made some new friends, improved in her swimming and gained loads of confidence.  I love that L's new friend has her arm around L.  They are in the front row, on the right.

L started running with us on Sundays.  We went from biking to runner over the summer.  She's a much faster runner than me.  Dave has a training regiment for her to prepare for soccer in the Fall.

Silly girl.

There were a few family times at the beach {town lake}.

We made it to one track meet.  This little girl won two ribbons...first and third.  I think she would have won first in both races, but had to figure out what it was all about first.  She and L ran two races each and wanted to stay to run more.

Waiting for her brave sister to come down on this slide at Water Country.

Each Wednesday on our walk to daycare...Lexiloo ran through this person's sprinklers.  We don't know them, but I don't think they minded.  They always waved hi when we walked by.
 This little girl turns three next week...her birthday marks the end of the summer and the beginning of school. Oh, she loves to do selfies with me.
We didn't make it up to Maine as much as we would like or used too, but maybe we'll have time this Fall {not sure with the schedule we have right now}.


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