2nd Grade...Here She Comes

June 2015 ~ Folk dance, Field Day...that face!

There's less than three weeks left in the summer before L heads off to second grade.  The summer has gone by too quickly and she had a blast a cheer and gymnastics camp. One more week of gymnastics camp before we're off to New Hampshire for Santa's Village or Storyland.  We haven't decide which one or both.  

There always seems to be a lot of activity at the end of the school year.  One of those activities was the kids doing three folk dances and the parents were invited.  Lexiloo and I went and even got to participate in one dance.  

A little someone was excited to see her big sister.

She looks go big and older in the picture. Her confidence has grown in leaps.

Partner up.  Her class color for the day was yellow. 

 27 June 2015 ~ Last day of school

School ended really late this year which is why the summer seemed so short.

L picked out this outfit for the last day of school.  She had to buy this scarf which is more than I would have wanted to spend on a scarf.  It fits her personality.  She made a trade with it.  She would give me her gift cards {yes, she had to give me two cards to pay for it} to Toys R Us in exchange for me buying her this scarf....that was how badly she wanted it.

Last day of school {6/26/15} and first day of school {8/27/14}

Last day of school {6/26/15} and first day of school {8/27/14}

First day of 2nd grade is 8/27/15...to be continued.


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