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Three Year Old

27August2015 ~ Sassy Lexiloo
Lexiloo turns three today!  We're looking forward to this year and hope it's a lot calmer than this past year.  To mark this milestone, I took photos of at the Wayland beach.

I couldn't make up my mind on which photos to share so you are getting a lot of photos.  Most of them represent Lexiloo.  She's spirited, stubborn, quick witted and the most charming person to be around.  

She still has a blankie {or 4} which she calls "Baby" Favorite color: green Favorite food: steak Favorite treat: ice cream Favorite show: Super Why, Team Umizoomi Favorite dance: Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Idol: her sister {when they aren't fitting}
This past year she potty trained at 28 months Loves to do crafts and is very resourceful and coordinated
Lexiloo has no fear of water and will jump right in.  She took to the water this summer loves to swim.    She started to appreciate amusement parks and hates to be left out.
She was a challenge and demandi…

First Day of School

26August2015 ~ First day of school
Yesterday was the first day of school for L.  She was excited for second grade. 

Lexiloo wanted to be in on the fun...even if it means Mommy get irritated because the girls didn't want to listen during our photo session.

Lexiloo was pouting because L was getting all the attention and she wanted me to only take photos of her.

To get a nice photo of the girls together, I told Lexiloo I would take a photo of just her...then had L get behind real quick.

It's going to be a busy year...I'm sure L won't mind.  As usual we might have over committed on activities.  This is the year L may have to choose which activity she wants to participate in and it can't be all. I'm glad she is still happy to go to school.


8.14.2015 ~ Pool time with a BFF What a summer it has for all.  The girls have summer tans and highlights most women pay for.  This is the last week of camp for L and school starts next Wednesday.  There were many play dates, pool time, beach and lake time, water and amusement parks, and runs at the park.  There were some summer time classics like running  through the neighbor's sprinklers  {they are not our neighbors, but are on our morning route to daycare}.  There were a few birthday parties in between and soccer clinics to attend, which made this summer go by too quickly, but yet I'm ready for school to start again.  Here are a few moments from our summah in random order!
 12August2015 ~ Lake Ossippee  This was a fun day which included lake swim followed with dinner by the pool

Lake Ossippee.  L loved the boat and Lexiloo was just along for the ride.  She didn't care for the fast speed.

L and her older cousin, A.

We did Storyland for two days and Santa…