08May2015 ! The Graduate in the center
 Yikes, has it really been over 2 months since I wrote a blog post.   In those two months, L finished Winter soccer, started Spring soccer, we’ve been to a few birthday parties, up to Maine for Easter, Dave received his Master’s degree, L is now biking without training wheels, Lexiloo is now biking with training wheels, Lexiloo finally stopped wetting her bed once a week, I started running more now (up to 5 miles), we planted our vegetable garden and the list goes on…but two months away.  I have lot to share.  I will slowly get there. 

The biggest news is Dave received his Masters in Civil Engineering from NorthEastern University and we all attended the ceremony on May 8th. The sad news is the pictures are all still on my camera. We are all very proud of him. It took four years, one class at a time, but we did {he did it}! Four years, L was three and Lexiloo wasn’t even in our radar.

It was a wonderful day with many memories...everyone was charged and excited...very PROUD!

All these photos are from phone...received his diploma

The girls were so happy to have spent the day with their Dad.

This is what Dave studied.  L trying out the "vibration machine."  Sorry, I don't know the official name and I'm sure it's pretty long.
L had a good see looking right at her Dad.


Dinner to celebrate in the North End at one of the few place that did not take reservation.  We lucked out and got a table.

Selfie of L and I...we had to wait for the rest of our party.  They had to go park the car. 
All the photos are from my phone.  I hope to download the photos on my camera soon.


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