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23March2015 ~ excited Lexiloo.
This is Lexi's first experience with easter egg decorating and she was beyond excited.  She had to do everything herself.  Big sis was just as excited.  I gave them the option of either going to the movies or decorating eggs.  Yes, L said, "both," but if she had to choose, she chose to decorate eggs.  Instead of going to the movies between L's decorating eggs and Sunday school, the girls and I went to get Pho {where L had two bowls}.

It was a last minute project on Sunday.  The girls were fighting and crying before 8AM, we had to do something.  Last minute projects means we go with what we have…brown eggs.  We let the eggs soak longer since we didn't have white eggs for the projects.  This was probably a good thing since it filled up time and there was no fighting.  The only fighting was trying to get Lexiloo to let me help her a little.

 While the eggs dried so they could put stickers on them, the girls painted Happy Easter signs …

First Cut

Lexiloo tells me she's ready to go shopping.

Lexiloo waiting for her turn to get a hair cut.
A couple of weeks ago, I got tired of looking at Lexiloo's hair from the back and always getting caught in her noise "boggie."  

 Lexiloo was not thrilled with the process, especially having her hair washed.

Sad little face…but, she sat there.

She was all smiles, running around the salon once she was done.

Big sis, on the other hand, loves getting her hair cut.  L's a pro at this point.  She just goes with her hair dress while I tended to Lexiloo.  L wants long hair so she only wanted a trim.

Can you see the mischief in her eyes?!?  We're hoping three means she's no longer a terrible two!  Really, can she be any different then her big sis.

I'll sit her and watch L.