02 January 2015 ~ Indoor soccer started.

January proved to be a busy.  Indoor soccer and ice skating started.  Those plus Dave's final semester of  graduate school plus L's other activities.

L's first lesson started out slow, but from what Dave is telling me she is doing much better.  Dave has been running L to soccer and skating Saturday mornings these past two weeks.  They have been out the door around 6AM to get to a 7AM in Milford and then back to Framingham for skating lessons at 9AM.

We finally had a little snow early January.  Lexiloo was being her naughtily little self and tried to knock down the snowman.  I'm not sure big sis would have been to happy about this.

Lexiloo and I made it one of L's game.  I didn't get to see much of it because a little someone had me running back and forth to the potty.  I did catch L getting her first goal.  She now wants to score each game to the point where she is taking the ball from her own team mates.

While Lexiloo and I were on one of her bathroom run, Lexiloo saw a life size sticker of the soccer player on the wall.  She points to it and says, "that my Daddy Dabe."  It's so funny to hear her use Dave's name.  She usually only uses it when she wants something from "Dabe."

Lexiloo wanting to join the big kids at a party L was invited to.

And the boots…she's obsessed with the boots!  She wears them every where.  She fights us at night so we just let her wear them to bed.

And the dancing…she will just start to dance any where and out of no where.

This amazing Sunday bar from a birthday party we all went too.  The food was amazing and you'll be shocked to hear it was for a 1 year old.  It was like a wedding reception, but for a one year birthday party.

Play practice.  L loves them.   It has been so good for her…the confidence she has gain from it has been invaluable.  She is already talking about auditioning for a small lead part next year.  If you know her, she's come a long way from being a stranger anxiety and soft spoken little girl.

L's play is in a couple of weeks and I volunteered to help with costumes again.  15 mermaid costumes were made and 1 alternation on a fairy costume.

I also volunteered at L's school for a morning.  They were decorating gingerbread men.  I am so impressed by the teacher, the students and the school.  I didn't understand most of what they were say as almost everything was in Spanish.  The kids were all so eager to learn.

Yesterday's snow storm brought lots of snow.  Dave and L did there usual Saturday soccer and skating while Lexiloo and I went grocery shopping.

We spent the afternoon outside building Olaf and had some kids over for a playmate.  It's been a quiet weekends and I do miss them.  I miss being able to prep for the week and just having no where to go.


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