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30December2014 ~ Lunch with these little wolves before we head to the water park.

It's has almost been a month since Christmas which seems like it was months ago.  Between Christmas and New Years we potty trained Lexiloo and went to the Great Wolf Lodge.  The girls had a lot of fun…too much fun.  L didn't want to leave.  What was great was there was a lot of things do to for all ages. 

Below are some of the photos from two day trip at the Great Wolf Lodge.  There were things we didn't get to so we may go again in a couple of months.

Pint size carousal for a pint size toddler.  Poor Lexiloo was potty trained at home for three days and then we went on our trip.  I couldn't put her back in a diaper so there there a couple of accidents a day.  But, I am happy to report she is potty trained.

The missing teeth "kinda" matches the ears.  L was in her element.  She was on happy girl at the water park.

Besides the orange slide, the train was Lexiloo's favorite.

A little mini golf which was not so easy with a toddler who didn't want to follow the rules.  I will call it speed golfing.

Lexiloo's favorite thing to do.  She and L must of spend 70% of the two days here.

Happy girl kept coming down the slide and running back up to get in line.  She just fell in line with the big kids.

Big sis was always there to help…most of the time.


L did the "rope maze" a couple of times.   She did an mazing job up high and getting through the difficult sections.

Tired and cold waiting, but refusing to leave.

We got some bowling in…again not so easy with a toddler who wanted everyone's turn.

The lazy river.  Lexiloo was so tired she fell asleep floating with Dave.

Happy New Year, Everyone.


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