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02 January 2015 ~ Indoor soccer started.

January proved to be a busy.  Indoor soccer and ice skating started.  Those plus Dave's final semester of  graduate school plus L's other activities.

L's first lesson started out slow, but from what Dave is telling me she is doing much better.  Dave has been running L to soccer and skating Saturday mornings these past two weeks.  They have been out the door around 6AM to get to a 7AM in Milford and then back to Framingham for skating lessons at 9AM.

We finally had a little snow early January.  Lexiloo was being her naughtily little self and tried to knock down the snowman.  I'm not sure big sis would have been to happy about this.

Lexiloo and I made it one of L's game.  I didn't get to see much of it because a little someone had me running back and forth to the potty.  I did catch L getting her first goal.  She now wants to score each game to the point where she is taking the ball from her own team mates.

While Lexiloo…

More Water

30December2014 ~ Lunch with these little wolves before we head to the water park.
It's has almost been a month since Christmas which seems like it was months ago.  Between Christmas and New Years we potty trained Lexiloo and went to the Great Wolf Lodge.  The girls had a lot of fun…too much fun.  L didn't want to leave.  What was great was there was a lot of things do to for all ages. 
Below are some of the photos from two day trip at the Great Wolf Lodge.  There were things we didn't get to so we may go again in a couple of months.

Pint size carousal for a pint size toddler.  Poor Lexiloo was potty trained at home for three days and then we went on our trip.  I couldn't put her back in a diaper so there there a couple of accidents a day.  But, I am happy to report she is potty trained.

The missing teeth "kinda" matches the ears.  L was in her element.  She was on happy girl at the water park.

Besides the orange slide, the train was Lexiloo's favorite.


Christmas 2014

24December2014 ~ Lexiloo opening her gifts

The girls and their cousin sprinkling the reindeer dust.  Our neighbor makes them each year and gives it out to the neighborhood kids.

Lexiloo was not happy when all the presents were opened.  

 Cousins and their Olaf.  

Christmas morning.  They girls actually slept in until 7.  It was a late night for them.

L had two things on her list this year...Two American Girl dolls, Isabelle and Caroline, and everything Frozen.

Lexiloo received new boots from Ba and Ong Noi.  The girl is obsessed with shoes.  I'll just put them on.

She's very independent and strong willed.

Relaxing morning before the girls got to open more gifts from Santa.

Christmas day photo.

26December2014 ~ Santa also visits the girls at home.