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Legoland Boston

13December2014 ~ Legoland, Boston

Cousins at Legoland

Lego 4D, it was pretty cool.  Everyone enjoyed the show.  L wanted to see all 4, but not sure the little ones could make it through 4.

Happy girls!  L might of had the most fun.

L was wonderful with the little kids.  She caring and was there to help them go through the maze.

L loved the rides.  She went on it multiple times.

Lexiloo was sad she wasn't big enough to go on the ride.  Getting comfort from big sister.  Lexiloo even tried to sneak into the line.

Cousin L loved the ride.
Well if L couldn't go on the ride, she race her car.  Up and down the stairs she went and not caring about the bigger kids.

L had her turn after going on the ride with Daddy a couple of times.

"I'm up her mommy!"  L lugged each little kid through this maze.

Gingerbread Party 2014

06December2014 ~ Second Annual Gingerbread Party

This is our second year of the gingerbread party.  Lexiloo joined in this year.  L and Lexiloo wanted to dress up, but L took her costume off because it got to hot.

We had 8 years this year with a mix of old and new friends.

Christmas Card Outtake

Since I was late on getting family photos done for the holiday season, I decided I would take the photos myself.  Here are some of the photos from our session.

Lexi is wearing the Christmas dress she wore last year.  It still fits our half pint.  Ba Noi, does the dress look familar?  L is our girly girl and Lexiloo would pick the t-shirt every time.  When I say, "no" I get an "ah."

Lexiloo hurt her finger some how.  She was all about "kiss it" while L was still in the moment.

They wanted me to get in and I wanted to test the timer. 
Lexiloo was all about her blanket.
Blurry photo and I must of hit the tripod while trying to get to the photo.