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01November 2014 ~ Celebrating a friend's birthday
November {so far}…means the end of soccer season, birthday parties, the beginning of girl scouts, chess club, lego/robotic club, play dates and lots of learning.

L loves to learn and combine it with arts and craft and she's in her element.  I thought a fall project would be good to keep her busy and she came up with rubbing leaves with crayon.  We decided teaching her to sew and making a mobile would be perfect.  L picked it up pretty quickly.

Lexiloo was curious.  I was surprised she didn't want to "I do."

L's finished project.

Last soccer game.
It was cold the last game. 

 L and Lexiloo are obsess with doing flips with Daddy.

It's the cutest thing to hear Lexiloo cheer L on.  "Go Lyla go" and "Good job Lyla." 

 Trophies for everyone.

Play date with her friend T.  She could have one every week.