23 October 2014 ~ Kids Halloween Party, Cambridge 

It was a busy Halloween weekend which started with the Forrester Kids Halloween Party on Thursday.  

There was arts and crafts, face painting and three themed rooms of activities for the children.

It was followed with the Moms Club of Framingham Halloween Party.  We didn't stayed long because L had soccer practice.

Crafts for the kids and hanging out with friends.

I think everyone had their fairs or Halloween activity on Saturday.  We were running around.  Lexiloo had her gym class.  They kids got to wear their costumes to this class.  

The gym was nice enough to let L and another older girl have a turn on the ride.  This was right before we had to run to L's friend's birthday party.  From there it was a soccer game.

Cute as a button…Lexiloo at L's soccer game.  
She was even cheering L on.  "Go Lyla go" and "Good  job, Lyla."

Playing with Daddy. 

After the game, we still had to go grocery shopping so we headed to the WholeFoods Trick or Treat.  The kids got to meet Elsa and get treat while I shopped.

After grocery shopping the girls wanted to go out and play.  They didn't have much time, but still had energy left.

Sunday was a "mellow" day.  We went for our usual run followed with some playground play.  Lexiloo picked out their matching dress and L agreed right away.

L had Sunday school and then she went to the My Gym Halloween party.  I didn't sign Lexiloo up because she had gym the day before and the group I signed up for was an older age group.

Princess Elsa playing.

I think the girls were tired tonight.  I heard talking, but it was quieter and shorter


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