Fall Fun

 18October2014 ~ Callahan Park, Framingham

Sunday was our usual run day, but someone was complaining her hands were cold so we only make it around our loop once (1 mile).  Since Dave was running 3 miles, I took the girls around the park to take photos.  There's a lot of photos.

 These sisters love each other and have a blast with one another no matter where they are.  Lexiloo is going to bed in L's bed again.  Getting to fall asleep takes a while…the girls are up in their room talking  and laughing.

After our run and before L's CCD class, we all raked leaves.  


Happy face…love her.

 Lexiloo love these boots.  It's the only thing she'll wear unless I tell her has to wear shoes.  Here feet sweat in them all day and they may be getting a bit tight.  I'll have to try to find another pair.

Oh L…always smiling and so loves life.  She has a busy schedule.  Soccer, CCD and the school drama club {It's Peter Pan} this year.  I also signed her up for Girls Scouts which she is excited about. 
The girl did help. 


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