Elsa and Anna

Meet Elsa, I mean Lyla.  L loves to role play when she puts on this costume.  She starts singing the songs from the movie.  I think all girls in love with the movie know every song.

And, this is Elsa's spunky little sister, Anna.

Lexiloo with the cape.  The cape was a jacket L wore more than 4 years ago, but is perfect for the outfit.

Posing for the camera.  Can you see L's shoes?  I finally let her pick out a pair of shoes with a little wedge.  She knows she can only wear them to play dress up.  They were plain white and so we added blue swirls and snowflake glitter to them.

I tried to get photos with Lexiloo.  It's hard.  Lexiloo says, "cheese" with the worst cheese face.  Then she wants to just play with L.

L's all for it.  She's asking me to take photos while she sings and twirls.  Do you see a gap in her teeth?…L lost her third tooth and the fourth is not far behind.

Lexiloo tried to twirl.  

L's dress was a McCall's pattern {I made some adjustments since I found the pattern to be difficult}  and Lexiloo's dress was found at Snugglebug University.  I made a few changes to the pattern as well, but it was a good starting point.

Even before Halloween has arrived, L told me what she wants to be next year.  She wants to be Dorothy  from The Wizard of Oz and listed all the things Lexiloo could be.  I asked her if we could get pass this Halloween first.  She must be discuss it with another little girl because she came home from My Gym telling me there was a little girl who was Dorothy and next year the girl was going to be Elsa where L is going to be Dorothy.

Lexiloo was my model for the costumes I made for Colin and Logan.  The boys love the Octonauts.


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