Barbieri 5k

09September2014 ~ Barbieri Fun Run

Dave and I ran the Barbieri 5k on Sunday.  It was good way for me to commit to running and help L's school.  I started training in August and on Sundays we ran as a family.  At first, Dave would push both girls with the stroller then we had L ride her bike .

Dave is a faster runner than me so he ran ahead while L rode beside me.  L struggled a bit the first time she rode 3 miles, but after the first week we was handling it better.  She was going much faster than me, but not fast enough to catch up to Dave.  I was okay with her riding ahead of me because I always had her in my sight and when she went around the loop twice Dave was there with Lexiloo waiting for us.

Here are various pictures of our training and run.

The start of the race.  I'm in there somewhere.

Dave's finish.  I didn't look as good crossing the race line.  

L's grade run.  It's was a 1/2 mile sprint.  Dave timed L and was proud she finished in the middle in less than 5 minutes.  She runs a much faster mile than I.

I signed Lexiloo up for the race.  We were team Hill.  She wanted to run with L.

After the 5K.  Photo courtesy of L.

One of our Sunday runs.

Trying on new sneakers.  We all got new sneakers to train.

After our Sunday Run days, we would walk to the playground for the girls.  The other thing was stopping at Dunkin Donuts so the girls could get their chocolate Munchkins.  It took 6 years before L start liking donuts.  There's not much Lexiloo won't seat.  Her favorite…STEAK.

Lexiloo on a Sunday morning run.

Back to the car after the run. 

It was a lot of work to train, but worth it.  We got out and exercised as a family.  I'll continue to run and train for the next thing.  Dave suggested I run another 5K in the next few weeks since I wasn't fully happy with my results.  I ran the 3 miles in 39 minutes which is under the 40 minutes I wanted to achieve, but mentally I wasn't there.  I got caught in the race and was running to fast in the beginning and had to walk for a bit after the 2 miles marker.  Here's to the next RUN!


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