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Elsa and Anna

Meet Elsa, I mean Lyla.  L loves to role play when she puts on this costume.  She starts singing the songs from the movie.  I think all girls in love with the movie know every song.

And, this is Elsa's spunky little sister, Anna.

Lexiloo with the cape.  The cape was a jacket L wore more than 4 years ago, but is perfect for the outfit.

Posing for the camera.  Can you see L's shoes?  I finally let her pick out a pair of shoes with a little wedge.  She knows she can only wear them to play dress up.  They were plain white and so we added blue swirls and snowflake glitter to them.

I tried to get photos with Lexiloo.  It's hard.  Lexiloo says, "cheese" with the worst cheese face.  Then she wants to just play with L.

L's all for it.  She's asking me to take photos while she sings and twirls.  Do you see a gap in her teeth?…L lost her third tooth and the fourth is not far behind.

Lexiloo tried to twirl.  
L's dress was a McCall's pattern {I made some adj…


23 October 2014 ~ Kids Halloween Party, Cambridge 
It was a busy Halloween weekend which started with the Forrester Kids Halloween Party on Thursday.  

There was arts and crafts, face painting and three themed rooms of activities for the children.

It was followed with the Moms Club of Framingham Halloween Party.  We didn't stayed long because L had soccer practice.

Crafts for the kids and hanging out with friends.

I think everyone had their fairs or Halloween activity on Saturday.  We were running around.  Lexiloo had her gym class.  They kids got to wear their costumes to this class.  

The gym was nice enough to let L and another older girl have a turn on the ride.  This was right before we had to run to L's friend's birthday party.  From there it was a soccer game.

Cute as a button…Lexiloo at L's soccer game.   She was even cheering L on.  "Go Lyla go" and "Good  job, Lyla."
Playing with Daddy. 

After the game, we still had to go grocery shopping…

Fall Fun

18October2014 ~ Callahan Park, Framingham

Sunday was our usual run day, but someone was complaining her hands were cold so we only make it around our loop once (1 mile).  Since Dave was running 3 miles, I took the girls around the park to take photos.  There's a lot of photos.

 These sisters love each other and have a blast with one another no matter where they are.  Lexiloo is going to bed in L's bed again.  Getting to fall asleep takes a while…the girls are up in their room talking  and laughing.

After our run and before L's CCD class, we all raked leaves.  


Happy face…love her.

 Lexiloo love these boots.  It's the only thing she'll wear unless I tell her has to wear shoes.  Here feet sweat in them all day and they may be getting a bit tight.  I'll have to try to find another pair.

Oh L…always smiling and so loves life.  She has a busy schedule.  Soccer, CCD and the school drama club {It's Peter Pan} this year.  I also signed her up for Gir…