Lexiloo Turns Two

28August2014 ~ Lexiloo dropping off Ba Noi at the train station

Cupcakes for Lexi's birthday celebration

I tried to get photos of Lexi on her second birthday.  Not sure if after her nap was a good time.  She woke up cranky and just won't go with the program…not that she does much of it these days.  The terrible twos is hitting us full blast with this little one.

Lexiloo was only happy when she was doing something naughty.

I kept trying to tell her to get down.  Choices seems to work with her.  She has two choices…Mommy does it for her or she does it.  The choice is always, "I do."  Works for us, especially at bedtime.  She wants to walk herself to bed, not picked up.  The only problem is L tells us she comes into her bed most nights.  It's surprising because I check on them before I go to bed and both girls are sound asleep in their own bed.

Why move Lexi from her crib to a toddler bed.  She was climbing out of the crib and then finding a way to come down the stairs even with the top stair gate closed.  We now are no longer using gates because its much safer with a climbing toddler around.

While outside, one of our neighbor came by with his dog.  Lexiloo was in love.  She thinks she loves dog, but when they come too close she gets a little nervous…not with this pup.

She got to walk the dog.  See her expression below.  Lexiloo was one happy little girl.

When it was time to go home…she wanted to go with them.  She's running after the dog and was whining when I told her she couldn't go.

For her birthday she chose this outfit.

When L got home, we celebrated Lexi's birthday.

The girls enjoying cake.

Boy does the time go quick.


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