06September2014 ~  ready to go meet Elsa
What's been happening since school started.  School and soccer seems to dominate most of our time.  But, we've found time do others things like attend friends birthday parties {even if its only for parts of it}, take Lexiloo to her toddler gym class, continue out Family Sunday run day.  And, if there's time we would take L rock climbing at REI or just play outside. 
L wanted to see Elsa and asked me to put it on our calendar. Her costume was almost done.  I need to put a button on the back.  I still have Lexiloo's costume to make {you guessed it, it's Ana from Frozen}  Lexiloo doesn't have much of a choice, L makes them for her.

There was one hot day in September so we just play in the yard after soccer practice.  Lexiloo thought it was fun to put her head in the water and come put her head on me.

She does not have any fears of height.
Soccer consumes most of our weekends.  There's practice on Friday nights and a game on Saturday.  Last weekend there was practice on Friday, game on Saturday, team photos and game on Sunday and then we rushed to get L to her Sunday school class.  We thought we would make it to a friend's birthday party for cake and ice cream on Saturday, but L's game ran over.  We got there as guests were leaving.  The host served the girls cake and ice cream anyway and we dropped off the present.

The second week of school, L came home very proud of herself.  She got student of the week.   I still remember when she got it last year.  She kept asking why she hadn't gotten it yet.  L seems to be learning and absorbing everything.  Dave is a little worried she's falling behind in her English reading skills so they have been working on L's reading at night.  L tells me she's ready for Spanish chapter books and the small books are too easy for her now.
Dave helps L with homework at night {she does it on her own and he checks her work} and have a 30 minutes to read before bed.  She is a sponge at this point in her life.  I'm glad she is curious and wants to learn.
Lexiloo  ~ I'll have my dessert here!

Then there's Lexiloo...life didn't think L's terrible twos were hard enough and passed it on to Lexiloo.  Our tough time with L was when she was three.  Lexiloo is stubborn.  She keeps complaining about her diaper and wants it to be taken off, but doesn't want to be potty trained.  In truth, I need to take three days off and train her.  L trained in less than a week at 22 months.


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