Apple Picking, Maybe

14September2014 ~ Pony ride at Belkin Outlook Farm, Natick 

Our weekends are filling up quickly and this past Sunday was the only day we will have in September to go apple picking.  I took the girls and L's best friend, TT.  L's been asking for a play date so it worked out well for us.

While the girls were watching the magic show, Lexiloo got her face painted.

Then the big girls took a caterpillar ride.  There wasn't room for Lexiloo so I asked L to stay on so her sister go.  There so some not so pleasant parents at the play area, but this nice Mom held the seat her son was in for Lexiloo.

Lexiloo was excited to see me when they came around one of the turns.  "Hi Mommy."

 The girls went for a camel ride.

Then it was off to the playground.  There was a lot of climbing.  L is not afraid of heights and the climbing she does at the REI rock wall seems to have built confidence in her. 

 Even Lexiloo go into the action.  You can't tell from this picture, but while I was taking the older girls pictures, Lexiloo decided to climb up the haystack pyramid.

L is still climbing.

Then we took a break so the girls could get a snack. 

Then more playing….I love the girls expression in the slide picture.  After more than 3 hours of playing, I finally told the girls we needed to go apple picking.  I was supposed to dropped TT off at four and at four we hadn't gone apple picking yet.

L loved having her friend with us.  I loved hearing their conversations.  At one point in the car, L asked TT if her friend P was a carnivore.

Lexiloo was a good sport and must of known it was just Mommy today because she on her best behavior.  I carried her on my back while we apple picked.  It wasn't ideal when we had to sneak under the fence to pick apples.  By the end of the day, the open sections of the orchard did not have any apples left so we snuck under the fence.

 The girls did everything to prolong out day.  They wanted to pose for pictures…sure sign they didn't want to leave.  Lexiloo had to do everything the big girls did.

It was time go…I think 5 hours at an apple orchards is more than enough time.   The girls did not think so.  They were already asking for another play date.  I think they wanted to extend the day.


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