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06September2014 ~  ready to go meet Elsa What's been happening since school started.  School and soccer seems to dominate most of our time.  But, we've found time do others things like attend friends birthday parties {even if its only for parts of it}, take Lexiloo to her toddler gym class, continue out Family Sunday run day.  And, if there's time we would take L rock climbing at REI or just play outside.  L wanted to see Elsa and asked me to put it on our calendar. Her costume was almost done.  I need to put a button on the back.  I still have Lexiloo's costume to make {you guessed it, it's Ana from Frozen}  Lexiloo doesn't have much of a choice, L makes them for her.
There was one hot day in September so we just play in the yard after soccer practice.  Lexiloo thought it was fun to put her head in the water and come put her head on me.
She does not have any fears of height. Soccer consumes most of our weekends.  There's practice on Friday nights and a g…

Apple Picking, Maybe

14September2014 ~ Pony ride at Belkin Outlook Farm, Natick 
Our weekends are filling up quickly and this past Sunday was the only day we will have in September to go apple picking.  I took the girls and L's best friend, TT.  L's been asking for a play date so it worked out well for us.

While the girls were watching the magic show, Lexiloo got her face painted.

Then the big girls took a caterpillar ride.  There wasn't room for Lexiloo so I asked L to stay on so her sister go.  There so some not so pleasant parents at the play area, but this nice Mom held the seat her son was in for Lexiloo.

Lexiloo was excited to see me when they came around one of the turns.  "Hi Mommy."

 The girls went for a camel ride.

Then it was off to the playground.  There was a lot of climbing.  L is not afraid of heights and the climbing she does at the REI rock wall seems to have built confidence in her. 
 Even Lexiloo go into the action.  You can't tell from this picture, but while…

Castle Island / Pleasure Bay

01September2014 ~ 2 mile hike…boy it was hot
Another family adventure.  We sure didn't plan it well.  Water Wizz when it was cold and Castle Island when it's really hot.  But, we had a good time.  Castle Island which is in South Boston is the perfect place for everyone.  Runner, walker, the locals and families were every where.

We started our day with a 2 mile walk around Pleasure Bay.

We packed snacks and drinks so we picked up sandwiches and chicken fingers at Sullivan's, the only eatery in the area.  After lunch the girls played on the playground.  

Then we took the Fort Independence tour.  It was fascinating.  Dave and L seemed to really take it in.  Lexiloo went with the program except for when we need to go through tunnels and up and downstairs.  I had to carry her or she would have slowed down the train.  She was and is always in her "I do" mode.

We think Ong Noi would really like area and tour.  It has history, walking and airplanes.

The kids studying the…

Water Wizz

30August 2014 ~ L and Dave, Water Wizz

To celebrate the end the first week of school and since we wanted to get away with the kids, we thought Water Wizz was a good choice.  L loves the water and is starting to fell very comfortable in it.   She's finally get her head in the water.  
It was a bit cold and found ourselves comparing it to Coco Key Waterpark.  We still had a lot of fun and glad we went.

L waiting to go across.  Lexiloo was in her "I do" mode.  She had to wait inline with L who decided it was to big for her.

We spent a lot of the in the kiddie area and the wave pool.  

Mommy and Lexiloo pic.

Lexiloo was holding onto the side until she was comfortable enough to go down or we told her she had to go because someone else wanted to go.

We packed a lunch and snacks for the day.   Lexiloo was content to just sit and eat as we watch L and Dave go down the lazy river over and over again.  This was L's favorite.  Lexi and I went down about four times together.