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24July2014 ~ Princess and Super Hero Day at daycare...Snow White and Wonder Woman
The many looks of Lexiloo this summer.  I never know what she will do before we leave the house.  Before we leave the house, there's a lot of "I do."

There's also been crying when I drop her off at daycare.  I had a talk to her about not crying when I drop her off.  She agreed and the next day she didn't cry when I dropped off, however, she had a total melt down when Daddy and L left the house.  I guess I should have added she can't cry when Daddy and L leave as well.

There was a two week period this summer where Lexiloo had to where L's life jacket.  Life jacket to daycare for beach day.  She picked out the perfect accessory for the beach.  The shoes are always on the wrong feet.

Oh Lexiloo…always with the blanket.

A girl has to have clean teeth, a hat and life jacket before she leaves the house.

Maybe a hard hat would be better when leaving the house.

On another day, it …


26July2014 ~ We need a constant eye on Lexiloo
26July2014 ~ Here are a few of my favorite photos from our Maine trip in July.  It was my 20th High School reunion.  We were also dropping L off for the week with Ba and Ong Noi.

We also celebrated Ba Noi's birthday.

27July2014 ~ Morning walk

She's active…if it's not one thing, it's the other.

 Excited about the riding she's getting with Daddy.