19June2014 ~ L and A on L's last day of school.

L's last day of school ended with a celebration.  The kindergarten class of 2026 at Barbieri each walked across the stage and then sang four songs.    L has done a wonderful job this year and we're so proud of her.  Her Spanish is getting better each day and she is even reading in Spanish.  

L walking across to shake her teacher's hand.  Can you kind of see the smile on her face?!?  She also picked at the dress.

L's class

Some of the kids.  There are 5 K classes at Barbieri with 24 kids in each class.  I can't imagine a graduating class of 1000.

L in September and on her last day.  She's big and strong…She's at the 79 percentile for her height and weight for her age group. 

She was so happy Dave and I could make it to her ceremony.

L and her friend H.  They ride the school bus together.

L and her friend, T.  L has made some good friends her first year.

L, her friend S and their teacher

L and her Teacher's Assistant.

On to First Grade.


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